Raffy – RFID Work Time Montoring

Started in May 2020 as a solution for the local enterprise Nikdim.

Raffy empowers work places with RFID authentication, authorization (personalised door control) and time tracking.
Allows employers to manage company property access and live door montioring in one place.

The system consists of two projects:

Web Server


Due to low resource cost the server can be installed on old office computer running Linux as main OS or a virtual machine on Windows.

Monitor the entries and exits on company property in real time.

Generate reports for hours spent in the work place for any time period.

Different database engines can be used to suit any storage needs, like SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.

Featuring both peer-to-peer connection and client-server approaches that run on any wireless or wired network.

RFID Reader based on Raspberry Pi


Can be virtually installed on any Debian-based system that can run Python for reading RFID tags.
Door control may need additional code for systems other than Raspberry Pi or non-relay locking mechanisms.